Webinars Webinars or organic gardening and urban farming from Peter Kearney.

Organic and biodynamic gardening webinars at My Food Garden provide an easily accessible resource of interactive content on key issues for successful organic and biodynamic food growing.

The webinar topics are being progressively released and the platform we are using, enables live webinars at set dates, plus replay of those if you miss the date after registering. We also provide the capacity for you to register after the live webinar date. We have free and paid organic gardening webinars.

All the webinars are presented by Peter Kearney with videos in each webinar filmed in Peter’s amazing food garden. Peter is a very experienced organic and biodynamic gardener and urban farmer as well as food garden designer, educator and coach. With 40 years of hands on food growing experience in diverse climate zones, Peter has a treasure trove of wisdom which has been refined by working with 1000’s of organic and biodynamic gardeners since starting My Food Garden in 2007.

Organic and biodynamic gardening webinar program

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