Organic garden products Brisbane brings together the highest quality products we can source to support the healthy growth of your organic garden or urban farm. At My Food Garden, we trial any products we sell in our food gardens in Samford Valley, Brisbane. We take orders by email and phone with pick up in Samford. 

Over the years, we have supplied many of our garden build and mentoring clients with our organic garden products Brisbane and after 10 years in business of helping people develop productive food gardens, we thought it was time to make our favourite products a bit more accessible. 

Palagonite natural soil conditioner

organic garden products BrisbanePalagonite is ideal to add to your vegetable garden beds and fruit trees, whether you have a small scale backyard garden, hobby farm or urban farm. It is mined in South East Queensland. Palagonite has a diverse range of macro and micro nutrients and is both a supplier and retainer of plant available nutrients. Palagonite has a high Cation Exchange Capacity at 34 meg/100g and greatly increases water holding capacity of the soil. 

We sell 20kg bags from our base in Samford Valley for $25. Normal application rate is about 1kg per m2. Email us to arrange for pick up. 


Seedlings and herb pots
organic garden products Brisbane

Our in-season herb and vegetable seedlings are grown using open pollinated seeds. Punnets of vegetable seedlings sell for $3 and herb pots for $2.50. The list of seedlings will be made available to you via email. Please contact us.