Organic garden maintenance – Brisbane

organic garden maintenance

Carrots growing beautifully in an organic garden we manage

Organic garden maintenance is essential for a thriving food garden. Enjoying the great tasting and healthy food from your organic garden is a worthy goal. At My Food Garden, we help people around Australia achieve this goal.

In Brisbane, our organic garden maintenance service is specifically designed for people who do not have the time or expertise to carry out the required organic garden maintenance to achieve high productivity. 

Our organic garden maintenance service includes:

  • Keeping your food garden tidy, beautiful and healthy
  • Organic pest & disease control
  •  Continuous soil conditioning using organic and biodynamic methods
  • Irrigation system checks
  • Transplanting & replanting
  • Mulching & Composting
  • Pruning of your fruit trees
  • Re-planting certified non hybrid open pollinated seeds and seedlings

Managing an edible landscape is not an easy task

It requires a unique knowledge, specialized skill set and time. If your edible garden is not properly cared for, your vegetables, herbs and fruit trees will produce smaller yields and become targets for insects and animals. We only use organic inputs so you can be confident of your garden health.

Understanding the ideal times for planting and pruning, as well as the rhythms of our Brisbane climate for organic gardening are all essential elements. Our experienced team can provide ongoing organic garden maintenance services for your vegetable and herb gardens and orchard.

Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney planting out the beds in a large organic garden built for a client

Our charges and how to get started

Our normal charge rate for organic garden maintenance is $45 per hour plus GST and we service clients living on the Northside of Brisbane within 30 minutes of our base in Samford. Any materials such as plants and fertilisers are charged as outlays. We use the highest quality planting stock and a mixture of organic and biodynamic soil and plant conditioners.

The amount of hours taken each month to maintain your food garden depends on its size and its condition when we get started. Contact us by phone on 0401156532 or by email to discuss your food garden and we will arrange a visit to your garden to provide a quotation for you. 

Other services

We also carry design and build services to create or expand your food gardens, in addition to mentoring and educational workshops  if you prefer knowledge support to physically manage the garden yourself.  For taking your food growing activities to a higher level towards urban farming, our mentoring services can be specifically tailored to your needs.