Organic garden coach Fast track your skills and success with this personalised service

We provide our organic garden coaching service to clients around Australia on a virtual basis over Skype. In the Brisbane area, we have the option of organic garden coaching face-to-face at your property.

Organic garden coach – your benefits

Timely and expert advice in the context of your food growing space and level of experience. For backyard gardeners, community gardeners, hobby farmers on acreage and budding urban farmers, we help you to:

  • reach optimum productivity more effectively

  • get better value from the money and time invested in your food growing
  • get more joy and well being improvement from your food growing

  • stage food growing expansion to fit your skills improvement pathway, lifestyle and resources

Organic garden coach

You will be coached by Peter Kearney, an organic and biodynamic food grower with 40 years experience. Since 2007, Peter has worked with thousands of Australian food gardeners as coach, food garden designer and educator in organic and biodynamic food growing.

The plans and instructional content you provide combined with your ongoing coaching has taught us so very much & though we still have much to learn we believe we’ve started off beautifully. I have no doubt that by the end of this year we’ll be so much closer to being self sustainable & much healthier for it and the work would have paid for itself multiple times“. Julie Grant, Brisbane

  1. Organic garden review and recommendations session – We spend 2 hours together to understand your goals, property and any trouble shooting issues. This conversation will involve many questions and answers from both sides. Much helpful advice will be provided at this stage around ideal food growing positioning, potential food volume, soil management, staging, resources and pest/disease management etc. We work with organic and biodynamic methods of soil and plant management, yielding the highest quality organically grown food.
    • For our virtual service, you will be asked to provide us with a high level map of your site and then the walk around your property will be with you holding a mobile device with Skype running so we can talk as you walk. After the walk around, time will be spent summarising the game plan. The conversation can be easily recorded over Skype or you can take notes.
    • With our face to face service at your property (Brisbane area only), we walk around the property with you and you take notes or record our conversation on your phone.
  2. Ongoing organic garden coaching – This service is aimed at keeping you on track, quickly building up your skill levels and establishing the most appropriate rhythms of activity during the year to flow with the seasons and life of the garden. It includes trouble shooting to resolve any food gardening issues during year. The frequency of using this service is dependent on how quickly you seek to build up your skills and productivity. Ongoing coaching normally follows our organic garden review and recommendations session.
  3. Physical implementation – For Brisbane only we also provide physical support with implementation of your food garden to grow vegetables, herbs, native edibles and fruit trees.


  • Goal clarity session – 2 hours– $200 (includes GST).  – Additional cost for travel time charged if more than 30 minutes from our base for face to face service.
  • Ongoing organic garden coaching – $80 per hour (includes GST).
  • Physical implementation – priced by quotation for materials and labour, (Brisbane area only).

Its easy to get started

Contact Peter Kearney by email or phone 0401 156 532. He will be happy to discuss how easy it is to get underway with our organic garden coach service. Also consider coming along to one or more of our workshops and courses.

Peter Kearney has been very patient and incredibly helpful in turning my very brown thumb into an almost green one over the last 3 years. I love how Peter has been so supportive and helpful along the way. It matches beautifully with his abundant knowledge on making organic, sustainable gardening achievable for even the most novice of gardeners. Kelly Townsend, Samford

“Our work with Peter began with one of these 2hr consults. So much has happened in the 4 months since! Our food growing projects are steadily progressing, with Peter’s guidance. Our main goal was to grow healthy beautiful food biodynamically for family and friends and to care for our land. In our first consult we discussed the pros and cons of various locations and approaches to the main productive areas for veg and salad, and an adjacent area for fruit trees. The consult also included some pruning of existing fruit trees and applying the biodynamic tree paste. We talked about the condition and improvement of our soil in each of the areas. That first consultation gave us the confidence and direction to move ahead, and we have since worked with Peter and his sons to build 10 beds on a north/n-east facing slope, attended a weekend workshop, built our first hot compost, planted more fruit trees, and improved our soil health with a green manure crop.  Our consult was in early October and by mid-January we’d enjoyed lots of cucumbers, glossy eggplants, batches of pesto from our basil, delicate rock melon and great lettuce. For new or lapsed growers, the initial consult really gives a great foundation to move from planning to doing! I imagine even more seasoned growers would find the short consultation a really valuable way to build new knowledge or improve their existing soil and plant management”. Shirley Powell, Brisbane

“It is very exciting to be planning our food garden that is going to be a key feature of our home, both edible and aesthetically pleasing too!!. Peter Kearney of My Food Garden is helping us give shape to our dream; listening to our hopes, guiding the project and sharing with us his knowledge of the resources needed.” Kerry Holland, Brisbane

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