Garden care – Samford region

Peter and Vicki Kearney - organic gardening

My Food Garden founders Peter and Vicki Kearney in the garden

Garden care is a service we provide to clients in the Samford region. This service involves regular hands-on support in our client’s gardens.

We focus on practices that bring ecological balance supported by biodynamic preparations and zero use of chemicals. Biodynamics offers a positive and practical way of healing the environment and is highly efficient to apply both on food gardens and surrounding landscape spaces.

Our garden care service includes:

  • Regular visits:

    • Hand weeding & pruning

    • Mulching & watering

    • Soil management including biodynamic soil preparations

    • Supply and planting of seasonal vegetables

    • General garden care

    • Starting clean up

  • Periodic biodynamic preparation application based on a program to suit your landscape

How to start with our garden care service

Call Vicki Kearney on 0421569890 or contact us by email here and provide your phone number to discuss our garden maintenance service. We also run organic and biodynamic workshops and provide organic garden mentoring services.