Design and Build

design and build

Design and build of your organic vegetable garden, herb garden and home orchard requires a combination of skills to ensure your food garden is ideal for your needs. Here is a short movie of a design and build case study of ours in Brisbane.

The philosophy of our design and build service is that the food gardens must be functional, beautiful and compliment ideal organic garden management principles. Our food garden design and build service is for Brisbane only.

We aim to optimise landscape design practices by integrating the following key principles of food garden design:

  • Ideal positioning in relation to the house, other structures and trees
  • Optimum drainage and irrigation
  • Ideal layout to facilitate easy access and operation
  • Layout to optimise growing space and progressive expansion
  • Ideal soil balanced properly for organic gardens
  • Recognising the design facilitates a balance of life in the garden space
  • Annual and perennial edible crops that suit your climate and space

Our food garden design and build service combines:

  • Design planning – Start up design planning session to create a food garden plan which incorporates all the key principles listed above.
  • Food garden build – We collaborate with experienced food garden builders in Brisbane. They use your food garden plan and with our guidance provide a quote for your garden build. Here is a short movie of a design and build case study of ours in Brisbane.
  • Ongoing mentoring – We provide four face-to-face mentoring sessions at your garden and unlimited email and phone support over a 12 month period. This service guides you through the implementation stages of the garden and supports you over the seasons so you move forward with confidence to overcome the sometimes challenging times of starting and managing a productive food garden.

design and build

Our customers include:

  • Individuals with balcony or backyard gardens, acreage and hobby farm gardens and small scale commercial organic food growers.
  • Property developers, corporate offices and communities seeking well planned and supported food growing spaces.

Contact us to discuss your food garden design and build.