• Henry Finzi-constantine
    September 4, 2019

    It might be of use a closer relation to our cosmic organism, and that Earth conditions are primarily dictated by the movements of the planets/organs (the basis of a biodynamic calendar) of our Solar system. As some of the outer planets will move out of a warmth constellation and into the Earth element in the near future, we might find the basis of the debate with regard to ‘climate change’ evolve?

    • September 5, 2019

      Henry, I have worked with the Astro calendar for 20 years now and have watched how accurate the weather comments can be. They have mostly dropped out of that calendar now which is disappointing. It can be a complex discipline to understand, but I totally accept that the planetary realm impacts all processes on the earth whether its warming, cooling, wet or dry. The hard thing to work out is what proportion of the change in climate is due to humans putting CO2 into the atmosphere and what is due to other causes such as planetary. But even if that question is not answerable, to me it does not matter because if one has the attitude of treading as lightly on earth as possible and reducing the obsession of materialism then I am making a contribution to healing the earth.

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