Biodynamic Gardening

Biodynamic gardening methods provide organic gardeners with a wonderful entry point into managing the vitality of soil, plants and animals, as well developing a greater understanding of the true spirit of nature.

Biodynamics was started by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 and has spread around the world as a method used to create the highest quality organic food. Its more often used by organic farmers, but it is just as suitable for organic gardeners, hobby farmers and urban farmers of any scale to manage their crops, pasture and animals.

I have been working with biodynamics since 1997 through practice in our large food gardens and study via the incredible resource of reading materials available, experienced biodynamic gardening teachers, Biodynamic Agriculture Australia and biodynamic farmers we have come to know over the years. But most of my knowledge has really come from working with biodynamic gardening practices, observing, experimenting and focusing on developing a deeper consciousness around life in the garden.

In 2009, I began running biodynamic gardening workshops and since then have experienced the pleasure of organic gardeners and farmers from all around Australia attending our workshops. Our regular biodynamic gardening workshops provide gardeners with an intensive 2 day introduction to organic gardening with biodynamic methods. These are normally held in our Brisbane gardens, but at times the workshops are held in other cities. Book a workshop now.

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