Peter and Vicki Kearney - organic gardening


Our journey into organic gardening started at our home which is where we now both work and live. Surrounding ourselves with the things we love is important to us. Peter and I are at this stage in our lives where we wish to work from our hearts, doing what makes our souls sing and continue to make a difference to the world. Our children are older now, however,  it is through having them in our lives that we started, many years ago to investigate what makes us happy, what makes us healthy.

Eating good food is one of the most important keys to good health. Peter has been growing food organically to feed our family for the past 20 years. Through his own trial and error of using organic and biodynamic gardening methods, reading books and learning from other gardeners, he now grows the most delicious food that I am able to harvest and serve at our dining table. As a mother of four healthy children this has made my ‘soul sing’.

And for me now through my work, I am able to take the little children of my home based childcare service into the organic vegetable garden or down to the orchard and give them the experience of harvesting the produce from a food garden that has been grown from scratch and then we eat it! Over time, the young child learns a myriad of things about the garden, yet most importantly, that an adult has cared for it with his own hands.

Peter started our organic gardening and urban farming business in 2007 and since then has run educational workshops, an online organic gardening resource, designed food growing spaces and planned larger scale urban farming for a diverse range of clients.

In July 2018 Peter was appointed a director of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia and in February 2018, presented a series of workshops at an international conference in Switzerland on biodynamic agriculture. 


Peter and Vicki Kearney, founders of My Food Garden