urban agriculture consulting

Urban agriculture consulting services designed to foster the increasing role of local food growing in transforming our food system and society to being more sustainable and resilient.

Our services are provided to: backyard and balcony gardeners, hobby farmers, urban farmers, educational organisations, property developers, communities, corporations and governments.

Biodynamic advisory

Our biodynamic advisory services enable organic food growers at any scale of urban agriculture to integrate highly efficient and cost effective biodynamic methods into their land and plant management practices. Read more.

Organic gardening

Our services include food garden design, ongoing mentoring, educational workshops and presentations. Oriented to backyard and balcony gardeners as well as hobby farmers on acreage. Read more.

Urban farming

Our planning, design, advocacy and implementation support services are oriented to commercial scale urban farming and are relevant for property developers, communities, corporations, governments and urban farmers. Read more.

View our urban agriculture consulting case studies and photo gallery of projects.

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