“I have visited many people’s properties over the years and it has always heartened me to listen to their dreams of growing their own food. Unravelling the mystery of successfully growing organic food is how I seek to empower each client.” – Peter Kearney

Our Australia wide mentoring service

We provide our mentoring service to clients around Australia via video Skype and for those in Brisbane, close to our base, our mentoring is face-to-face.

What is our organic garden mentoring service?

Organic garden mentoring provides you with timely and expert knowledge to create or improve your organic garden, hobby farm or urban farm. We help you to avoid the pitfalls, reach success faster and be confident in working with organic and biodynamic methods in your garden.

You will be supported by Peter Kearney, our organic gardening mentor, an organic and biodynamic food grower with 40 years experience. Peter is also a  food garden designer, urban agriculture consultant and educator in organic and biodynamic food growing. 

We cover the growing of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and Australian native edibles. 

“After attending one of Peters workshops I was very impressed with his passion for organic gardening and his chilled-out nature. With  guidance through his mentoring service we created my dream vegetable garden at minimal cost using sustainable gardening methods which are super easy to do….. and it is thriving!!” Kim Randall, Brisbane 

Who uses our mentoring service?                                                                                               

Whether your food garden patch is only an idea and you need help to bring it to life or you want to significantly increase production, beauty and function of your food garden , our mentoring service is ideal support. Our clients range from city based apartment dwellers with balcony gardens, backyard gardeners, workplace gardeners and hobby farmers on rural residential land looking to make more productive use of their land.

How does our mentoring service work?

  1. Consulting time on your food garden needs either at your garden or via video Skype, with a minimum of 2 hours for a starting session. Thereafter time available would be on an ‘as needs’ basis with a minimum of 1 hour sessions. For larger urban farm and commercial scale projects, our services are provided by quotation.
  2. Mentoring package over 12 months includes:
      • Your garden plan – Visit to your garden for 2 hours, face-to-face if in Brisbane or via Skype elsewhere to understand your patch and goals, introduce new ideas and within 3-4 day, provide an organic garden plan for the next 12 months and staging of activities providing you with a strong platform of sustainable food growing past the first 12 months. We also incorporate a spreadsheet based seasonal planting plan for your veg and herb gardens and a comprehensive organic gardening training guide written by Peter Kearney 
      • Regular mentoring calls for trouble shooting – Monthly check-in phone call of up to 30 minutes for Q & A and to keep you on track to the garden plan. 
      • Follow up visits to your garden – Four visits of 1 hour each over the year, face to face in Brisbane or via video Skype, to assist with briefing garden builders if required, assess garden progress, help you through change of seasons, planting and plant management and provide you with timely knowledge in the context of your patch. 

Our mentoring service charges

  1. Consulting time – Our normal charge rate is $100 per hour plus GST. Charging for our services on larger urban farm and commercial urban agriculture projects is by quotation
  2.  Mentoring package:

Face to face in Brisbane –  $350 up front and $120 per month with 12 payments. Total cost is $1790.

Video Skype Australia wide – $300 up front and $95 per month with 12 payments. Total cost is $1440.

If you want face-to-face in Brisbane and are located more than 45 minutes from our base, an extra charge will be quoted for travel time.

We can extend the mentoring service into year 2. Our experience is that when food gardeners gain more knowledge and wisdom from year 1, they become more productive and confident. Support is very helpful through this next stage to reach higher levels of understanding.  We negotiate the mentoring fees for year 2 based on your additional goals.

Its easy to get started

Contact Peter Kearney by email or phone 0401 156 532. He will be happy to discuss how easy it is to get underway with our organic garden mentoring and urban farming coaching service.

Peter Kearney has been very patient and incredibly helpful in turning my very brown thumb into an almost green one over the last 3 years. I love how Peter has been so supportive and helpful along the way. It matches beautifully with his abundant knowledge on making organic, sustainable gardening achievable for even the most novice of gardeners. Kelly Townsend, Samford

It is very exciting to be planning our food garden that is going to be a key feature of our home, both edible and aesthetically pleasing too!!. Peter Kearney of My Food Garden is helping us give shape to our dream; listening to our hopes, guiding the project and sharing with us his knowledge of the resources needed.” Kerry Holland, Brisbane